Practice Rounding

Difficulty: practice

How to round numbers:
1. Highlight the digit that may change.

2. Underline the digit on the right.

3. Round the highlighted digit
a. If the underlined digit is 5 or more the highlighted digit is increased by 1.
b. If the underlined digit is 4 or less the highlighted digit stays the same.

4. All the digits to the right of the highlighted digit are changed to zeros.

Tens example:
Number Rounded
22 20
31 30
65 70
68 70

Thousands example:
Round 5477 to the nearest thousand.

Step 1: Find the place value we are rounding to.
We are rounding to the nearest thousand, so that is the 5.

Step 2: Look at the number to the right of the one we’re rounding.

Step 3: Round the number.
The number next to the 5 is a 4, which means the 5 stays the same.
5 _ _ _

Step 4: Make everything to the right of the number you rounded are 0s.
The answer is 5000