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The Turing test developed by Alan Turing is a test of a computers ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. We have developed gniruT, an application that writes maths questions and solves them.

We have developed a number of math educational resources built around the gniruT application. There is a math engine that generates questions and the answers across 50 subjects from algebra, arithmetic, measurement, comparison and probability to polynomials and calculus. The difficulty and other options can be fine tuned to suit any number of requirements.

There is also a range of math quizzes that have been generated by the gniruT math engine and are curated multiple choice questions. Each quiz begins with a lesson that explains how to solve the questions for the given difficulty and subject. For logged in users there is also detailed feedback at the end of the quiz. The math quizzes range in difficulty and cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, conversion, sorting, rounding, algebra, binary math, word problems and time.

A number of interactive learning tools are also available to help demonstrate various mathematical concepts. These include an analogue clock with draggable hands, a 12 and 24 hour digital display and time elapsed functionality. There is also interactive angle and fraction tools to help visually demonstrate those math concepts.

As a little tribute to Alan Turing there is the MindLocker puzzle game. To unlock that game you will need to crack a code and you can find clues for the code by beating gniruT at various quizzes.

You will find more information on all of the above on the Math Home page, let the learning begin