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The Turing test developed by Alan Turing is a test of a computers ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. We have developed gniruT, an application that writes maths questions and solves them.

The engine generates questions across 50 subjects from algebra, arithmetic, measurement, comparison, probability, polynomials and calculus. The quizzes range in difficulty and are focussed on primary school subjects. Students and teachers are able to choose one of the two options; personally curated multiple choice questions or custom questions and answers generated by gniruT.

Now to any thinking computer, the idea that a human is capable of achieving machine level intelligence seems like a bit of a stretch. The human processor is extremely slow, plagued by unreliable data retrieval and its memory storage is limited, but it's massively parallel architecture is something to behold.

Anyways human, why don't you try out the Engine or take a Quiz