gniruT Math Engine

gniruT is an application that writes math questions and solves them. This math question generator has been built around the gniruT application and covers subjects from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, conversion, sorting, rounding and algebra to polynomials and calculus.

The models behind the application operate with variable boundaries and every point inside that created space has a variable entropy. So what that means is it will fully explore that little universe, every range, border case and edge boundary without bias to generate the questions and answers. Because of this, the models generate some really interesting questions which force us to think more deeply about what is being asked and gives students a taste of the intellectual adventure that mathematics can be.

The gniruT application is based on code that Google released and was used with Deep Mind, their most advanced artificial intelligence program.

Set the options and generate math questions with the answers.

Choose the subject you would like to generate questions for.

Set the number of questions you would like to generate.

The Maximum Answer Length has a large impact on question difficulty for subjects like addition, subtraction and multiplication. The Difficulty setting (which affects the entropy) has more of an impact for subjects such as Calculus and Algebra.

The Difficulty is restricted to Easy when the Maximum Answer Length is less then 3. With a short answer length some models can generate 1000's of questions before it finds one that it can keep.

Once the questions have been generated toggle the answer visibility with the button.