gniruT Math Quizzes

The questions in these math quizzes have been generated by the gniruT Math Engine and are curated multiple choice questions.

Each quiz begins with a lesson that explains how to solve the questions for the given difficulty and subject. The math quizzes range in difficulty from Practice to Brain Buster level and cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, conversion, sorting, rounding, algebra, binary math, word problems and time.

The quizzes are completely free and open but just a gentle reminder that only logged in users will receive detailed feedback on the math quizzes, be able to participate in the leaderboard and be able to generate reports.

You will notice that some quizzes have a key icon beside the difficulty, this indicates that if you beat gniruT at that quiz you will receive a clue that can be used to help crack the MindLocker code and unlock the MindLocker puzzle game.

You and your students can take a quiz right now. To start, choose your preferred difficulty level (Practice, Spicy, Red Hot or Brain Buster), select a subject and click on the start button to begin. Log in to have your results saved and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

gniruT Math Quizzes for Grades 2 to 7
The questions in this section are suitable for ages 8 to 12.